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Play the latest HTML5 games created by Uppergroove Software. The option to purchase the desktop version for the PC/Windows is shown with each game. We will soon be making each of the games available for Android.

July 30th,2013 : NumBlocks v4.0 released! You can play the online version by selecting from the menu on the left. Only the Windows and Android editions includes special effects though. You can purchase both the Windows and/or download the FREE Android version from the NumBlocks page.Check out our unqiue edition of this popular breakout style game for all ages.
Tizzie's Bubble Chase

Tizzie's Bubble Chase

Help Tizzie through the mazes while she collects the jewels and is chased by the bubbles. Need help? Release Tara, Tizzie's sister, to help her with collecting. Different difficulty settings and two different modes of play create a relaxing game or play with a serious challenge. Tara and the score multiplier is only available in the Arcade mode.

OS: Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7
Memory: 512 MB
DirectX: 7.0 or later
CPU: P800
Video: 128MB Video Card
  • 50 levels of game play.

  • More specials than before.

  • Tara's sister joins here in this edition.

  • Score multiplier offer up to 10x to your score!

Windows Desktop Edition

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